People often ask me how I begin a painting. I may start by choosing a few colors and then utilize the shapes and forms that intrigue me. Construction sites in New York City are filled with huge colorful noisy equipment no one can escape noticing. As they rise, new buildings are covered with projecting nets and orange and blue plastic coverings. These are alluded to in my work.

Recent paintings are inspired by the weather beaten remains of posters, originally pasted to the barricaded walls at construction sites that were torn, curled and faded. With camera I take a close-up shot, choosing shapes and colors to form an abstract composition.  In the studio I use these as a departing point for a painting.

When I travel, I often see architecture, colors, scenery, people, and music that is visibly "different" to me, and so I will do a sketch with watercolors, or pastels as a notation for later use when I return to my studio where it will be altered, enlarged and painted on canvas with oils. I also use oils on copper sheets or acrylics on paper.